Bulletin Board Notes from Teach My People

2015 Summer Math Scores

September 9, 2015

The mission of Teach My People’s Summer Program is to provide our students with the assistance they need to maintain their academics while engaging various summer enrichments. During this past summer our students spent two hours a day on math, reading, science and sports. Under the advisement of the Waccamaw schools we were able to incorporate a pre and post test for mathematics to see what gains our students made while they are with us (***their reading scores will be will be compared to their Spring 2015 reading scores once our students take their Running Reading Records Test this next month at school.)

After compiling and reveiwing the math test scores we are excited to share that our students had an average growth of 51.61%, with our brand new first grade class making the greatest gains at 133% growth.

To put these gains in comparison the average student loses about 30% of what they learned during the school year during summer break. Kids is more challenging situations can loose up to 50%, due to all informal and formal education stopping during the summer.


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