2015/2016 Stuart Hope Student Ambassador

Sep 29, 2015

The Stuart Hope Student Ambassador program is in honor of one of our most beloved supporters, Stuart Cromer Hope. Mr. Hope loved Teach My People. He was a man of great character: vision, integrity, courage, honesty, understanding, fiercely loyal, kind hearted, selfless, and full of grace. Above all he loved Jesus Christ. Mr. Hope represented the characteristics that we hope our organization, staff, teachers and students embody and demonstrate.

The Ambassador represents Teach My People by delivering goodwill and sharing who we are and what we do to our schools, churches and community. The Stuart Hope Ambassador is chosen every May from the junior class will represent Teach My People during their senior year of high school. The Stuart Hope Ambassador helps spread the good news of Teach My People as an everyday example of the values and faith of Teach My People.

This year we are excited to announce that the 2015/2016 Stuart Hope Student Ambassador is Roger Wigfall. Roger is a senior at Waccamaw High School and has his eyes on the University of South Carolina. He will be given the opportunity to speak on TMP’s behalf at local civic clubs, our annual Gospel Lunch and Golf Tournament. This is not new to Roger. Over the past two years he has had the opportunity to speak at two FCA’s banquets where he has been able to share the stage with Senator Tim Scott and Coach Tommy Bowden. Roger is a talented young man,who’s joyful and rich character shines through when he speaks. We anticipate a great senior year for Roger and look forward to introducing this fun and fine young man to you. 

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